About the Artist

Howdy! I'm Macala Elliott, but my friends call me Mac.

With a passion for wilderness conservation, I am devoting my craft to capturing the vivid and scenic beauty of Texas and the beyond.

It all started back in December 2020 when I first captured a few action shots of Redfish fly fishing in the Laguna Madre. I grew up fishing Rockport on what seemed every weekend of the year, so you could say Texas saltwater runs through my veins.

I never would have guessed fishing photography would shape my career in such remarkable, glorious ways! I believe God blesses each of us with a divine purpose, and when He inspired me to capture His grace and creation on the coast, my life changed for the better.

"Let light shine out of darkness."

2 Corinthians 4:6

Macala (Mac) Elliott is a Houston-based commercial/fine art photographer, video producer and editor with over five years of experience working in the commercial media and the outdoor industry. As a graduate of media production and business marketing from the University of Houston and a small business owner at Mac Elliott Media, LLC, I strive to deliver professional-quality work to my commercial and freelance clients.

My photographs have been shared across major social media accounts such as Canon USA, Mercedes Benz Vans, and the U.S. Department of the Interior. Notable publications include Alabaster Co., Tide Magazine, Tail Fly Fishing Magazine, among others.

Mac is an active member of the Coastal Conservation Association, American Fly Fishing Trade Association, HSCF Stag and Dove Society, and TPW Stewards of the Wild.